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We most certainly do! Our pricing page shows that we accept all health insurances so long as you have chiropractic cover in your extras plan. Claims can be done on the spot and are quick and easy to do so. Health insurance usually covers a certain portion of your consultation and will help you pay part of your consultation fee.

We unfortunately do not take x-rays at our clinic. We will refer you off to our local partners for further imaging if deemed necessary during the consultation. Health insurance usually does not cover the x-ray consultation fee. You will need to check your health insurance plan to see if there are any rebates on x-rays. Fortunately if you are an Australian Citizen, X-rays are covered by Medicare and are bulk billed meaning you don't pay anything out of your pocket!

We can definitely bulk bill your treatments. However you need a referral from your Local G.P. The doctor will give you a form known as E.P.C ( Enhanced Primary Care) allowing chiropractic treatment to be billed by medicare for a maximum of 5 visits. You must speak to your G.P to see if you are eligible for this treatment.

This will depend on what you've been diagnosed with and the severity of your presenting problem. Research into most pain presentations suggest anywhere between 4-8 weeks to see a major improvement in pain presentations. Our extensive history of patient's treatments suggest 4-6 weeks see at least 50% improvements!

Chiropractic is a safe and gentle approach to re-aligning your spine. It is a hands-on technique whereby the practitioner uses their skills to alter your body's alignment in a safe and effective way. By moving the spine into the correct posture, pain should be lessened or removed by using your body's bones rather than its muscles.

Treatment at Posture Pain Correction starts by reducing pain at the source. This is done by gently moving the spine through mobilisations and adjustments to promote healthy movement in the spine again. After that muscles that are working against the changes are released to reduce tension and help alleviate the pain. Once treatment is completed, exercises and stretches are prescribed and given as take-home activities to further reduce pain and prevent future pain.

Say goodbye to posture pain with our comprehensive treatment options

Take the first step towards a pain-free life by booking a consultation with our posture pain treatment team. Our personalised treatment plans are designed to help you improve your posture and reduce discomfort. Let us help you live your best life.

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